The Exeter College Middle Common Room (MCR) is the graduate student association at Exeter College, Oxford.

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"The William Petre Society is an association affiliated with Exeter College that aims to facilitate fruitful interaction between its members, promote the academic interests and the welfare and wellbeing of its members."
- Preamble to the Society's Constitution

The common room is located in Staircase 8 (first room to the left when entering). Entry is via swipe-card access. It also has a small kitchen with tea and coffee, several computers, wireless internet access, a piano, a bathroom, a tutorial room, some lockers and the newspapers and periodicals which are delivered there every morning every day of the week.

The direction of the MCR is provided by the Executive Committee, who are elected every year in the first week of Hilary Term. For people new to the MCR, or generally, to Oxford and Exeter College, we have a fresher’s guide, which will hopefully answer your questions about how things are done here. The graduate welfare reps are there to take care and assist you with any problems that might arise during your stay here. Certain people can apply for associate membership of the MCR, which gives them access to the MCR facilities.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

Alex Stephens


[email protected]
Hey I'm Alex! As MCR President, it is my role to ensure that the interests of the graduate students are represented within College, and to ensure we continue to provide a welcoming Common Room. Along with other members of the Committee, I attend various meetings around the College and University, and raise any concerns of the graduates. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about MCR life, please feel free to reach out at any time, I'm always happy to chat. In the academic world, I am a DPhil student with the Oxford Robotics Institute, and a member of the CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems.

Urania Chiu


[email protected]
Hi, this is Urania, your MCR Vice-President.
Alongside Alex, I make sure graduate students' views are represented within College and that you have the best MCR experience possible. I'm always happy to chat if you have any questions or concerns, whether related to College or other aspects of your Oxford life, so please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm currently pursuing a DPhil in medical law and ethics, which is pretty exciting.

David Rytz


[email protected]
Hello! My name is David and I'm Exeter MCR's treasurer.
My duty is to sort out the MCR's finances, which includes putting together our yearly budget and carrying out rent negotiations--less (rent) is more! Floreat Exon!

Patricia Cambalova, Tom Hadfield and Mats Licht

Welfare Officers

[email protected]

Mats Licht

Exeter House President

[email protected]

Nicholas Lim

Sports Rep

[email protected]

Kevin Yuan

IT Officer

[email protected]

Hey there I'm Kevin. If you have any suggestions for the website, issues with the website or with the mailing list do feel free to contact me.


Alistair Hanson

Domestic Rep

[email protected]

Hello, I’m Alistair, and I’m the Domestic Officer, which primarily is about ensuring the MCR rooms remain a pleasant place to be. I endeavour to stop stuff from breaking, buy new stuff, and allocate the lockers. My background is in history and theology, and I, for now, work in Oxford.

Bárbara Ehler

Library Rep

[email protected]

Hey! I’m Bárbara and I’m from Brazil. My role as the Library Rep is to voice the view of the MCR on issues relating to our college library. I’m also studying literature, so I’m always up for chatting about all things nerdy. Did you know that our archives include cool things like J.R.R. Tolkien’s exam results during his time as an undergraduate at Exeter?

David Rytz

Oxford SU Rep

[email protected]

Alberto Ravani

Racial Equalities Officer

[email protected]

As Racial Equalities Rep, I am the first point of contact for information and advice on issues concerning equality (LGBTQ+, disability, ethnic minorities, etc.) and for anyone worried about discrimination or harassment. I distribute information on university-wide LGBTQ+ events and LGBTQ+ events happening within Exeter College.
I also work closely with the Welfare Officers to organise and run regular events aiming at promoting equality in the MCR, such as the consent workshops. Additionally, we provide various welfare supplies including sexual health products and sanitary products confidentially and completely free of charge to members of the MCR.
My job and interest is to both represent and offer independent support or advice on equality issues. All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence – please feel free to contact me.

Jessica Abele

Sexuality and Gender Equalities Officer

[email protected]
As Sexuality and Gender Equalities Officer, my aim is to run a range of events with the goal to create safe spaces and to recognize the fantastic diversity within our college. If you have any questions relating to LGBTQ+ and gender equality matters, feel free to reach out and of course this will be kept confidential. I also provide further resources of information and services that are available across Oxford concerning LGBTQ+ and diversity topics.

Emma Slater

Freshers Rep

[email protected]

Brianna Yang, Olivia Molesworth and Michael Borger

Social Secretary

[email protected]

Kate Dicker

College Events Officer

[email protected]

Michael Turner

Environment and Ethics Officer

[email protected]
Hi there, I'm Mike and I am the Environment and Ethics officer. I'm responsible for ensuring that the MCR recycles as much as possible and for engaging with University and City sustainability schemes. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions! Mike

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The MCR is located at Staircase 8, Ground Floor, Exeter College, Oxford OX1 3DP.

If you are a member of the MCR, but are not subscribed to the exeter-mcr mailing list please send a blank email to [email protected]

The MCR President is Alex Stephens.