The Exeter College Middle Common Room (MCR) is the graduate student association at Exeter College, Oxford.

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"The William Petre Society is an association affiliated with Exeter College that aims to facilitate fruitful interaction between its members, promote the academic interests and the welfare and wellbeing of its members."
- Preamble to the Society's Constitution

The common room is located in Staircase 8 (first room to the left when entering). Entry is via swipe-card access. It also has a small kitchen with tea and coffee, several computers, wireless internet access, a piano, a bathroom, a tutorial room, some lockers and the newspapers and periodicals which are delivered there every morning every day of the week.

The direction of the MCR is provided by the Executive Committee, who are elected every year in the first week of Hilary Term. For people new to the MCR, or generally, to Oxford and Exeter College, we have a fresher’s guide, which will hopefully answer your questions about how things are done here. The graduate welfare reps are there to take care and assist you with any problems that might arise during your stay here. Certain people can apply for associate membership of the MCR, which gives them access to the MCR facilities.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

Cate Gibson


Hi! I’m Cate and I’m the President of Exeter MCR!
My role is to ensure the smooth running of our graduate common room. I chair our termly general meetings and I sit on various college committees to report back to our members. I’m here to help other MCR officers to fulfil their duties-- I’m always available to answer questions, pursue matters with college and to lend a practical hand when necessary!
I’m currently studying for my DPhil in Philosophy and this is my 6th year in Oxford. What I love most about Exeter College is the welcoming atmosphere. I have experienced nothing but kindness and generosity on all fronts, from my fellow graduate students to the JCR, scouts, kitchen staff, fellows and porters. Compared to other colleges, our MCR is a lovely size where there are still plenty of people to meet, but a comforting sense of closeness amongst the members. We have forged a great number of ties with other graduate common rooms across Oxford, resulting in many joint social and welfare events. Exeter MCR is truly unique within the university and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to make a significant

Joe Bluck


I’m Joe, your Vice-President of the Exeter College MCR. It is my role to ensure that the MCR Constitution is upheld and handling the administrative side of running the MCR. I will often be emailing you with weekly bulletins and alerting you of any important meetings, so apologies in advance. We have a great MCR here at Exeter, with a vibrant and caring community within us. I’ve seen this in my previous capacities as a Social Secretary and Freshers’ Rep for 2016. 
When I’m not in the MCR, I am reading for a DPhil in Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science through one of Oxford’s Centres for Doctoral Training. However, I am always available if you wish to discuss any issues you would like to bring to the student body or regarding membership to the MCR. 

Sandra Ionescu


Hello! My name is Sandra and I'm Exeter MCR's treasurer.
My duty is to sort out the MCR's finances, which includes putting together our yearly budget and carrying out rent negotiations--less (rent) is more! I am a second-year DPhil in Chemical Biology and love Exeter's MCR because of its friendliness and diversity. The cozy common room is a nice escape from the lab AND it has biscuits. Floreat Exon!

Henry Sawczyc and Tyler Tully

Welfare Officers

Tyler Tully is an American DPhil student serving as Exeter's Arthur Peacocke Scholar in Religion and Science. As a Welfare Officer, Tyler helps organize the weekly tea and other events meant to foster safe-spaces, community and conversation in and around the MCR. Tyler has previously served the MCR as the Equalities Officer and is an active member the College Rugby team.

Christy Kin-Cleaves, Georgie Suttie, Alexander Cranstoun

Social Secretaries


Hi I’m Christy, one of the social secs for Exeter MCR. I work with the other social secs to organise events such as exchange dinners with other colleges, wine & cheese nights, bar crawls and much more! It’s my job to make sure you get the best social experience at Exeter!
I’m currently in my first year of a DPhil in Theoretical Computer Science, and have a really great experience so far at Oxford. Exeter is a truly remarkable place, that is both welcoming and very active. We have a fantastic MCR, and are always striving to improve, and make it an even better place to be.
My name is Georgie and I'm one of the MCR Social Secretaries. I am currently studying for a Master's in Slavonic Studies (don't worry, no one knows what that means). I love languages, travelling music and literature. Having come to Oxford as a graduate, not knowing what to expect, I was bowled over by the kindness and openness of Exeter. I instantly felt welcome and all my preconceptions about Oxford students flew out the window. I have met the most wonderful people and had so much fun experiencing everything Oxford has to offer. Exeter has a buzzing atmosphere and there's always something going on. I want to give back to the MCR and make sure future graduate students have the same great experience I did when I arrived here.
As social secretaries, our job is to organise, plan and run all the social events for the MCR. These events are a key part of the graduate experience here at Exeter, as they provide a break from the stresses of academic life at Oxford and allow you to enjoy the social aspect of being in a close- knit college community. We want these events to be both fun and inclusive, so that they bring all corners of the MCR together. We want to make sure everyone is getting the most out of their time at Exeter and feels part of the Exeter family. This is why we organise a range of social events, from formal dinners, wine and cheese nights and parties in the MCR, to ice skating, punting trips and summer barbecues. 
We want you all to have the time of your lives at Exeter, because let's face it, you're not going to remember the books you read or the essays you wrote- you're going to remember the fun you had and all the friends you made. It's our job to make sure that happens.

Henry Sawczyc

Exeter House President


Nick Pasternack

Sports Rep


I’m studying for an MSc in Neuroscience, and I help MCR members get involved with sports offered through Exeter College and the University. I am also responsible for negotiating the terms of our membership with the Oxford University Sports Centre on Iffley Road and organizing special sport events for the Exeter MCR. We are pleased to offer regular Yoga and Pilates classes at Exeter House taught by Exeter MCR volunteers Tory and Hadas!
Why I Love the MCR: The people — everyone is friendly and has a different background, which makes the MCR a friendly and inclusive place.

Jack Hoover

IT Officer


Hi all! I'm doing the M.Phil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. I run the website and can write anything here I want. Though if I did Cate might get mad at me.


Alistair Hanson

Environmental Rep


Hullo, I’m Alistair, and I’m the Environment Officer, which primarily is about ensuring the MCR rooms remain a pleasant place to be. I endeavour to stop stuff from breaking, buy new stuff, and allocate the lockers. My background is in history and theology, and I, for now, work in Oxford.
From the Big Gay Party to names for some of the appliances, Exeter continues to have an MCR with idiosyncrasies only possible from it having a spirited graduate body often around College.

Thomas Doherty

Library Rep


Thomas is neat and guards the books!

Artem Serebrennikov




Caroline Nettekoven

Equalities Rep


I am a DPhil student studying neurochemical changes in the brain during motor learning. Exeter has such a welcoming and friendly MCR, here you will always find someone to talk to!
As Equalities Rep, I am the first point of contact for information and advice on issues concerning equality (LGBTQ+, disability, ethnic minorities, etc.) and for anyone worried about discrimination or harassment. I distribute information on university-wide LGBTQ events and LGBTQ events happening within Exeter College.
I also work closely with the Welfare Officers to organise and run regular events aiming at promoting equality in the MCR, such as the consent workshops. Additionally, we provide various welfare supplies including sexual health products and sanitary products confidentially and completely free of charge to members of the MCR.
My job and interest is to both represent and offer independent support or advice on equality issues. All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence – please feel free to contact me.

Joseph Bluck

Freshers Rep


Check out Joe's VP profile!

Let's Get In Touch!

The MCR is located at Staircase 8, Ground Floor, Exeter College, Oxford OX1 3DP.

If you are a member of the MCR, but are not subscribed to the exeter-mcr mailing list please send a blank email to exeter-mcr-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.

The MCR President is Cate Gibson.